A digital adaptation of Liz Lerman's
Critical Response Process


Dance artists were invited in January 2014 to submit proposals for new works which they’d like to develop. A panel of judges from Yorkshire Dance with Paul Russ (Director of Dance4) and Theresa Beattie (dance consultant, and previously Director of Artist Development at The Place) shortlisted six, each of whom made a short digital ‘pitch’ and the public was invited to vote for two. Hagit Yakira and Robbie Synge received the most votes, and their pieces have been commissioned!


Robbie Synge –

'Douglas' has its origins in the everyday tasks of the choreographer at his home in The Highlands. A ‘garden shed’ approach initiated a reconsidering of our often trivial or incidental everyday relationship with objects.

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Hagit Yakira Headshot

Hagit Yakira –
Air Hunger

We often forget that we breathe, but never forget to breathe... You’re invited to take a moment to inhale deeply. 'Air Hunger' is a sensual, emotional and honest sharing of experiences that will leave you breathless.

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