A digital adaptation of Liz Lerman's
Critical Response Process
Hagit Yakira Headshot

Hagit Yakira

My hope is to create a work that is warm, honest and human, a place where the gesture of breathing is communicated in a suggestive and inviting way. It should be visual, sensual and show deep connections with the musician, storyteller and dancers.

I want to show a spectrum of emotions and my fear is getting carried away with the dramatic, the over-elaborate stories and gestures about breath, the loss of breath and need for breathing.
I hope to find new ways of working that produce a unique product to me. A product that will relate to people everywhere.

Air Hunger

We often forget that we breathe, but never forget to breathe…
We invite you to take a moment to inhale deeply. The instance of losing one’s breathe evokes many reactions, images and memories. Performers and audience will be sharing the same breath in a collaboration that will inspire and allow moments of exhalation. *Air Hunger* is a sensual, emotional and honest sharing of experiences that will leave you breathless.
Choreographer- Hagit Yakira
Musician- Domenico Angarano
Film maker- Ling Lee

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