A digital adaptation of Liz Lerman's
Critical Response Process
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Robbie Synge

I am excited to be involved with respond_ because I believe it addresses issues around the accessibility of dance in a way that offers refreshing ways to encounter and consider the processes and products of dance projects. In my experience, accessibility is often considered in relation to presupposing what might suit audiences or work that is necessarily safe, immediate or familiar in some way.

I look forward to communicating with many audience members online and in person and I am delighted to be part of a well- supported research project that is committed to experimenting with critical dialogue in the making of and interacting with art.


‘Douglas’ is a solo that I will perform alongside sound artist David Maxwell. It will largely stem from actions and events I have part-imagined while working outdoors at my home in The Highlands. These can be ingenious, inefficient, elaborate and unspectacular. This project is, for me, an attempt to make something of my frequent contemplation and procrastination around my own lifestyle choices and, perhaps more widely, how we choose to spend our time generally.

Douglas is alone, curious, committed and absorbed in his activity. He seeks connections with his surroundings; conversations that go everywhere and nowhere; a new ecology in which he can see and feel his place.

Filmed by Robbie Synge and Lucy Boyes
Sound assistance from David Maxwell

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