A digital adaptation of Liz Lerman's
Critical Response Process

Respond_ … the votes are in!

During the week of 6th-14th March 2014 Yorkshire Dance invited the public to vote online for two of six shortlisted dance works to be commissioned.

With 1600 votes cast from around the world, the two artists selected to make and perform their new pieces are Robbie Synge and Hagit Yakira.



Douglas by Robbie Synge

will be a solo inspired by Robbie’s own work outdoors at his home in the Highlands of Scotland, which will contemplate the value of our vocational choices.


Hagit Yakira Headshot

Air Hunger by Hagit Yakira’s

will explore an audience’s response to witnessing breathlessness, provoking and sharing their personal reactions and memories.


Over the next six months Hagit and Robbie will begin to rehearse these two projects, preparing to further open up the development process to the public later this year. Hagit and Robbie will present parts of their new dance works while still in development online at respondto.org inviting feedback and discussion to help evolve and fine-tune the development of these new works.

For one project Yorkshire Dance will be inviting people to be involved as research participants, to interact directly with the creative team, and the development process for the second project will be open to the public.


Hagit Yakira says of her success,

“the reason I am so happy to be a part of this project is because I truly believe we are facing a real need to ‘seduce’ people into contemporary dance. Not compromising the art form, not compromising on the artistic method and integrity, but challenging ourselves and others to be very creative in the way we communicate it. I want to find a way to invite people to be engaged with choreographies that tell stories differently, that use more the feminine voice and way of thinking and presenting. I believe this project will help me in inviting people into the world I create with my collaborators.”

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